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In order to update you navigator’s Software, get the Geosat Suite!

The Geosat Suite is a PC application that helps you keeping your Geosat up-to-date and allows you customizing your contents and sharing them with your friends.

1. Download on your PC Geosat Suite (this is necessary only once).

2. Connect your Geosat to the PC with the USB cable, and check through the Suite if there is a Software update available for your navigator.

3. Download the Geosat update for free and install it following the instructions on the Suite.

Connect  your Geosat to the PC periodically to keep it up-to-date!


Download AvMap Suite for PC

Mac Os:  Download AvMap Suite for MAC

Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (2009)




What you will get through the Geosat Suite

Through the Suite you will be able to update your navigator for free to the latest Software version:

GSUpdate5 2.19.117R new app - 2012-04-23

Minimum Requirements:

Map T-XX-QXXX.06,   Ver. 8.0  (03/12/2007)  Which version is your map?

What's new?
Software update for Geosat5 is the same as previous version: only the update application has been modified:
- In track window the tracks names was truncated sometimes to 2 letters (maxim 8 is allowed)
- "Loquendo" and "Geosat6" folder is not backuped at Backup to avoid backup process not ending because of bug present there that can't be fixed and make process to not end succesfully.
- Backup/Restore process improved
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AvMap navigators are guaranteed for 2 years after  the purchase date.