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NEW GeoPilot PLUS - the compact aeronautical navigator

30 November 2006

AvMap presents the new GeoPilot PLUS, an Ultra-bright 5.6” LCD TFT display aeronautical navigator which can read terrestrial maps too! AvMap GeoPilot PLUS is a compact aeronautical GPS navigator which combines a large, bright color screen and many pilot-friendly features. The large control buttons and the unique thumb stick cursor make navigating through menus and programming flight plans easy! The map page is fully customizable; you can choose from several display options: map only, map with data fields or map with split screen HSI/RMI display. The cartography preloaded on the CF memory card includes the Jeppesen® database. Complete with full flight planning capabilities (10 flight plans of up to 100 legs each) and calculator functions (fuel, winds, timers, trip computer) the GeoPilot PLUS is the perfect companion for you EKP: leave EKP on board and take GeoPilot PLUS with you! GeoPilot PLUS is so versatile that it can read terrestrial AvMap maps: you just need to buy a 2GB CF memory card preloaded with Tele Atlas® data to convert GeoPilot PLUS into a car navigator! 

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